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Beggin’ for Mercy

These pants were beggin’ for mercy!!  The photos on the left were taken on Day 7 of my program (so beginning of January).  I had most likely already released at least 10lbs.  I couldn’t wear these pants the week before.  They were far to uncomfortable.  Not to mention, my muffintop was at an illegal-for-me size.   

My 7 year old took the photos on the right this morning (April 7, 2012).  I cleaned out my closet last weekend and thought I best take a photo of myself one last time in these American Eagle size 14 pants.  I could not hold my arms up, because the pants literally fall off of me.  This photo goes to show you what releasing 30lbs and 34″ means.  I did it in 39 days and felt better than ever.

kicking some a$$ one muffin at a time

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In January I took a leap of faith by starting, what initially sounded to me like a crazy insane diet.  Never in a million years did I imagine THAT,would have evolved into THIS.  What is “THIS”?  A business.  A passion.  A drive to help people do what I did.  I get this amazing rush when people send me emails, or text messages with their daily or weekly “weigh-ins”.  They feel better than they have felt in years.  They feel good, they look good.  Beauty comes from the inside.  Confidence comes with feeling and looking good.  With confidence, people step outside their comfort zone and do things they never would have done before. 

I stopped in this last week to see one of my “shrinking muffins”.  I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked.  Her and her husband did round 1 together and are gearing up to start round 2 this weekend!  She said to me, “we are really excited to start round 2”.  WOW – getting excited to start a diet?!?!  But seriously, if you only knew the transformation that goes on in your body – you’d be excited too.  Not to mention, a diet that actually makes you feel great!  WTH? Unheard of, really.  By the first week of May, they will have released a combined total of between 100-120lbs.  Pretty damn amazing and a great way to celebrate their upcoming birthday’s!  I have still not seen that damn “man-muffin” since he started (that’s right, I called him a man-muffin LOL!)  I’m thinking I may just hold-out until he releases all his weight.  I’ll probably cry when I do see him – just sayin’! 

I could go on and on about the other’s and their success stories – perhaps I should get my a$$ in gear and update my “Shrinking Muffin” page. 

Another aspect of this “business that started by accident” are the connections and relationships I am building in the “business” world.  I am meeting some amazing dynamic people from the Central Alberta area, and beyond.  I had no idea there was this whole world of like-minded people.  I connect with them on a different level – because we are just that, “like-minded”. Many of us have the same goal of motivating and inspire others.  Some of them are just plain awesome!

Some reflection for Good Friday.  Ego and Fear = Crucifixion. Ultimate triumph of Love = Resurrection. Knowing This = Faith. Counting on it = Power.

Wednesday Morning Weigh-In

Cover of "Mindless Eating: Why We Eat Mor...

It’s Weigh-In Wednesday people!!!  My weigh in this morning was 155.5lbs. That’s 27.5 lbs released from my starting weight and 33lbs released from my loading weight.  Pat on my back – I’m maintaining very well.  The almost daily walks are definately helping. 

155.5lbs. That is an all-time low since I started. It is a breath of fresh air to see the number on the scale pretty much stay the same every morning. I’ve lived so many years beating myself up during, and after every indulgence.  A chocolate dipped strawberry deserved a spankin’!  Always saying to myself “once past the lips, twice on the hips!” In hindsight, how lame.  This is still something I work through every day.  The mentality that I can’t, or shouldn’t eat ANY of the things that taste good.  I wonder if other people have these same things go through their head?  Maybe I’m just insane in the membrane…INSANE IN THE BRAIN!! 

We live in a world where we are constantly nagged at to eat low fat or no fat in order to lose weight, and/or maintain what we have lost. I’ve discovered that’s a bold face lie – and actually part of the problem why 1 out of 4 Canadians is obese.  There are also hints that these foods are causing heart disease, among other degenerative diseases. Do low-fat foods make us fat?  Research backs me up when I say “Yes!”.  I bet you just said in your head “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR?!?!”  Most of my adult life I have bought the “low-fat” or “fat-free” products at the grocery store.  I guess it’s partly a mental thing, or just plain habit.  If I buy the fat-free sour cream, it’s a healthy side-dish to my nachos and cheese.  Isn’t it? LOL  That strategy clearly did not help me keep weight off, for all those times I lost 10 or 15 pounds.  Go to the fridge and read the nutritional label on your low-fat dressing, yogurt, sour-cream or whatever.  They replace fat, with sugar or carbohydrates.  Sugar is cheaper than fat.  Duh. 

A Science Daily article tells us about a Cornell study.  The study “showed people eat an average of 28% more total calories when they eat low-fat snacks than regular ones”.  It goes on to quote “Obese people can eat up to 45% more,” reports Brian Wansink (Ph.D.), in the book, Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think

Through my own research, I’ve discovered our bodies need fat.  If you constantly diet and restrict fat, your body forgets how to metabolize fat as energy.  Do yourself a favour…buy the regular stuff next time, savour the flavour and just eat less.

Goodbye My Muffintop is born…

For those of you just joining me…this is where it all began.  I started this program very critical that it would actually work. I vowed to myself that this would be the last time I spent another dime trying to lose weight. I took a leap of faith. Am I ever glad I did. It has changed me. It has changed my family. This is where my business “Goodbye My Muffintop” was born. This is where I started to inspire and touch the lives of others.  I released 27.5lbs and 35″ in 39 days – and will never look back.  Here are my amazing results – weekly photos.

Thank you for following me in my journey.  Thank you for sharing my story.  Stick around and watch my business grow as other muffins shrink and other people’s lives change.  Have you followed our Facebook page yet?

Today, I am grateful.

man boobs and lovely lady lumps

Every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.  ~ Adelle Davis

I hate to be bossy but, you need to read this article “Hormones, Problem Areas and Your Body-Fat Map”  by Douglas Robb, a Personal Trainer from Health Habits in Toronto. 

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He discusses how “your hormones are responsible for your personal fat-distribution patterns.”  Interesting…indeed.  He pulls his information from a variety of sources – and “heartily” recommends The Hormone Diet by Dr. Natasha Turner (Canada).

For da MAN…Let me give you an example…look down – do you have a nice rack?  As in, “man-boobs”?  If so, you likely have high estrogen levels (amongst some other issues).  Mr. Robb goes on to offer some possible causes why your body may have high estrogen, or, as it’s also called, estrogen dominance.  These suggestions include chronic stress, poor diet, exposure to hormones in meat and poultry (Yes – it’s true, it’s true.), impaired liver function, alcohol (which may have helped cause your impaired liver function), lack of exercise, lack of sleep.  Dougy rocked this article so much, he even includes some solutions to assist in lowering your abnormally  high estrogen levels.  Some of his suggestions:  stress management, improve your diet, reduce exposure to hormones, improve liver function, get some sleep, get some exercise.

As for da LADIES, and their lovely lady lumps.  Check it out…where are your lumps?  Triceps, chest or back?  Love handles, belly, butt?  Hips, hamstrings or thighs?  Or, all of the above?  In reviewing Robb’s causes of irregular hormone levels, there appears to be some common denominators.  These include, but are certainly not limited to, poor diet, chronic-high stress, not enough exercise, poor sleep patterns.  These are just a few.  Really, you need to read the article.

So, when we say “poor diet”, what does that mean exactly?  What distinguishes a “good diet” from a “poor diet”?  Well, if you consume a lot of processed foods, pop, high fat, low fiber, high sugar, excessive caffeine, over-processed nutrient-deficient carbs, fast food, frozen dinners blah, blah, blah – I’d be confident in saying you have a “poor diet”.  Because of this “poor diet”, your body has little to no antioxidant protection, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.  I use an amazing daily multi-vitamin called LifePak

Now, how do you manage stress, when stress never really goes away?  I use a product called Cortitrol, for managing Cortisol, the stress hormone in my body.  This product also balances my moods and makes me feel calm, cool and collected.  P.S. It also slips nicely into my husband’s coffee. **wink wink**


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