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Day 25

Today is another incredible day in my world.  Is my enthusiasm making you gag yourself with a big wooden spoon yet??

This morning I realized there was no school when the bus didn’t show up to pick up my grade one’er!  But we just came in the house, cranked the tunes to some “Big n’ Chunky” and started cleaning!!  The boys love the suction on the Central Vac…which is a bonus for me – because in between vacuuming the dust bunnies – we have fun!!

So 25 days.  25 days of NO coffee, no treats, no chips, no eating out, no Grande Eggnog Latte’s, and no morning Bailey’s!  WOW – what an accomplishment.  Have I mentioned, I feel the best I think I have EVER felt?

My weight has been holding steady between 166lbs and 165lbs for the last 5 days.  Close your eyes guys…I have the P-Tracker Lite app on my Iphone, which confirms I am “ovulating” – thus retaining water.  It’s supposed to even out on its own.  My cycle has been right on schedule (it always has been 28 days) – which is very pleasing to me and supports the fact that I am not pumping hormones into my body to mess things up. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m very intrigued by the obesity situation in Canada.  I’ve found some amazing resource and added some links for you to take a peek at.  In particular, check out this clip from the show “The Agenda with Steve Paikin” – “Fatter Than We’ve Ever Been”

Also, University of Edmonton has a ROCKSTAR doc doing some amazing research on this obesity thing they are calling an “epidemic”.  Mark my word, you will be seeing a lot about this topic on TV in the near future.  Educate yourselves peeps!  It takes just one person with initiative to inspire another…it snowballs from there!

I posted my weekly pics under “The Pictures” tab…up there…

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