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Can I do this every day for the rest of my life?

Diet and weight loss patches - they don't real...

Diet and weight loss patches - they don't really work, save your money (Photo credit: Jodiepedia)

While having a visit with some new friends a few days ago, one of them, a local personal trainer told me about one of her clients.  A woman who literally has spent over $100,000 over the years trying various weight loss programs, exercise equipment, gym memberships, personal trainers, and on and on. 

People like options, and there is no shortage of options when it comes to weight loss plans.  Every day another one pops up.  In my opinion, they all work.  If they didn’t work, they wouldn’t be marketable and people wouldn’t spend the money to try them.  When trying something new, we want it to be “THE ONE”.  We want it to be the one plan that finally breaks us free of our unhealthy fat, makes us feel good again, and gets us out of our rut.  But not only that, we don’t ever want to have to do it again.  Why should a person ever have to spend money two, three, four times trying to lose something that unfortunately, they found again?  What is a person to consider when trying, yet another, weight loss attempt?  The biggest question you have to ask yourself is this…

Is this program something I can do every day for the rest of my life? 

If you are overweight to any degree, you have to first be able to recognize the eating habits that got you to where you are, clearly aren’t working for your body.  You have to recognize when choosing and starting a weight release program, if you want to maintain your weight forever, you can’t go back to those past eating habits.  You need to have some serious revelations about what your putting into your body.  I have always lost weight with the intention of long-term success – but failed in the research department.  For example, I can’t drink a green smoothy every day for the rest of my life.  Maybe some people can, I can not.  I can’t sweat my ass off at the gym for an hour every day for the rest of my life.  A few times a week, sure – not every day. 

The moral of my story, don’t waste your time and money and buy into any weight-release or exercise program without first researching it.  Most importantly, don’t forget to ask yourself this “Is this regime something I can do every day for the rest of my life?”.  Don’t patch up your weight problem.  Fix it for life.

man boobs and lovely lady lumps

Every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.  ~ Adelle Davis

I hate to be bossy but, you need to read this article “Hormones, Problem Areas and Your Body-Fat Map”  by Douglas Robb, a Personal Trainer from Health Habits in Toronto. 

Photo Courtesty

He discusses how “your hormones are responsible for your personal fat-distribution patterns.”  Interesting…indeed.  He pulls his information from a variety of sources – and “heartily” recommends The Hormone Diet by Dr. Natasha Turner (Canada).

For da MAN…Let me give you an example…look down – do you have a nice rack?  As in, “man-boobs”?  If so, you likely have high estrogen levels (amongst some other issues).  Mr. Robb goes on to offer some possible causes why your body may have high estrogen, or, as it’s also called, estrogen dominance.  These suggestions include chronic stress, poor diet, exposure to hormones in meat and poultry (Yes – it’s true, it’s true.), impaired liver function, alcohol (which may have helped cause your impaired liver function), lack of exercise, lack of sleep.  Dougy rocked this article so much, he even includes some solutions to assist in lowering your abnormally  high estrogen levels.  Some of his suggestions:  stress management, improve your diet, reduce exposure to hormones, improve liver function, get some sleep, get some exercise.

As for da LADIES, and their lovely lady lumps.  Check it out…where are your lumps?  Triceps, chest or back?  Love handles, belly, butt?  Hips, hamstrings or thighs?  Or, all of the above?  In reviewing Robb’s causes of irregular hormone levels, there appears to be some common denominators.  These include, but are certainly not limited to, poor diet, chronic-high stress, not enough exercise, poor sleep patterns.  These are just a few.  Really, you need to read the article.

So, when we say “poor diet”, what does that mean exactly?  What distinguishes a “good diet” from a “poor diet”?  Well, if you consume a lot of processed foods, pop, high fat, low fiber, high sugar, excessive caffeine, over-processed nutrient-deficient carbs, fast food, frozen dinners blah, blah, blah – I’d be confident in saying you have a “poor diet”.  Because of this “poor diet”, your body has little to no antioxidant protection, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.  I use an amazing daily multi-vitamin called LifePak

Now, how do you manage stress, when stress never really goes away?  I use a product called Cortitrol, for managing Cortisol, the stress hormone in my body.  This product also balances my moods and makes me feel calm, cool and collected.  P.S. It also slips nicely into my husband’s coffee. **wink wink**


What excuses do you have for not staying in the weight loss game?

I don’t know about you, however, in the past, I was a Queen – that’s right, Queen with a capital “Q” – for making excuses as to why I was on this crazy yo-yo weight “loss” cycle.  I say “in the past” simply because I am re-training my way of thinking.  And, re-training my way of thinking will be so important for me in maintaining the weight I have released.  So here is a taste of excuses I know I have made – and in bold, what I have done to change those excuses. 

1.  I’m too busy.  I have a job, two kids and family.

My new healthy lifestyle has given me more energy to do, well, all of the above.  I have energy to be busier (haha – I somehow found a way to become busier inspiring others to be all that they were intended to be).  My attitude as has changed at work – I am more focused and have increased my effectiveness and productivity at work.  Because I have more energy and clarity, I take time to spend with my family.  I get down on the floor and play with my kids.  We read stories and sometimes – just snuggle. 

2.  I can’t remember to take my daily vitamins. 

You know those nasty pill containers that our grandparent’s have?  You know, the ones with their morning and night pills separated for every day of the week.  Well, I splurged and spent $7 on one of those at the grocery store.  This has made it so simple, and easy for me to take my daily vitamins.  I fill it up once a week – which takes me 5 to 10 minutes.  I’ve missed taking my vitamins 1 night, in the last 36 days.

3.  I’m to tired. Period. 

Well, I already told you I have more energy.  I have a constant stream of energy now from the time I get up in the morning, until about 9 or 10 at night.  I aim for at least 8 hours of sleep at night – because sleep is important for our bodies (I see a possible topic in the future…SLEEP.  Why is it important?).

4.  I can’t resist the cravings.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t still have cravings.  Because, I do.  Sometimes, these craving are habitual.  For instance, when in line at the grocery store and the Caramilk bar is screaming at me “buy me…eat me…I taste soooo good!”.  I just say to myself in my head “I don’t need you Caramilk – you make me more tired, and helped give me my muffintop”.  Or, at night after the kids go to bed and I’m winding down on the couch – I used to love to snuggle up with a bag of chips.  Now, I eat an orange diced up and dusted with cocoa powder and stevia – frozen.  YUM! 

5.  I like celebrating with my family by cooking great meals, or going out for dinner. 

Holiday family meals – a hurdle I have yet to HAVE to tackle.  I have healthy eating cookbooks – so I will learn how to make a delicious meal without butter, white bread, and cream.  As far as going out – I just know I will have to order a healthy option (Ie. Salad with dressing on the side and chicken breast).  No more Chinese Food binges with hubby.  Applebee’s will definitely be out of the picture – they don’t offer one healthy choice on their menu.  I know there are many restaurants that offer healthy food.  It will be in my control to make a healthy choice. 

6.  Eating-out is impossible to avoid with my job.

Tackled this baby yesterday!  Had my first PR lunch out.  I was a little nervous – because really, people sometimes look at you funny when you order a salad – just a salad.  Ranchhouse offers a Springmix Salad, which I had topped with chicken breast.  I did not eat the bread it came with, nor did I use the dressing I asked for “on the side, please”.  I drank water.  I was full, and satisfied after my meal.  No 2PM nappy! 

7.  I don’t like to make two separate meals – for my family and myself.

Hubby is on board with healthy eating.  He will be starting my program soon.  I have always promoted healthy eating at home – so this is nothing new.  It’s just hard for my family when I am inconsistent.  I make the meals – so it is my responsibility to nourish my family with healthy food, that tastes good! 

8.  I don’t have time to exercise as much as I need to.  I’m to heavy to run anymore.  My knees hurt when I run now.

I’m nearly 30lbs lighter!  My knees don’t hurt anymore.  I can’t wait to run again – cause I love the endorphin’s pumping through my body, and the way I feel when I run!!  Plus, that energy thing – I have energy – therefore, I have time. 

9.  I love to relax in front of the TV with an evening snack.  I love Double-Stuffed Oreo’s way to much.  I love ripple chips and jalapeno dip way to much.

I understand now, eating an entire row (okay….an entire bag) of Double-Stuffed Oreo cookies will not support my lifelong goal of maintaining my weight released.  Nor will the ripple chips, jalapeno dip, cheesy dilly dip, pop etc. etc. etc.  I can’t eat those things anymore.  Period. 

10.  I love to cook, and people who love to cook can’t be thin.

People can love to cook and be thin.  They just can’t sample every bit, lick every spoon – and then eat two (plus) servings of what they have prepared – at each meal. 

11.  I get bored with the same routine and I don’t lose weight fast enough to keep me motivated.

I’ve lost weight fast, I feel good, I look good.  Therefore, I am motivated.  I will change my routine by exploring different recipes – recipes that nourish my body. 

12.  I’ve had two babies – they just wrecked my body.

I have my body back – it’s not their fault! They are innocent people!  I can’t blame those beautiful boys!

13.  I’m getting older and my metabolism has slowed down – I’m destined to have flab forever. 

I’ve reset my metabolism.  I’ve released visceral fat (fat surrounding my organs, and abdominal fat).  I will not have flab forever.  I’ll be thin forever! 

14.  The weight will come back as soon as I stop my regime – so why bother starting, AGAIN?!

Again, I’ve reset my metabolism.  I will be able to consume a healthy number of calories each day – enough to support what my body needs to function, plus exercise. 

Okay, I have to stop now.  I could continue, trust me.  I gotta say, this is shocking when I see it in writing!!  If you are carrying excess weight, or just downright feel older than you really are – what are your excuses?

I’m not on a “diet” anymore.  I’ve changed the way I fuel my body.

Day 34

First, I must apologize…I neglected to take my weekly photos on Monday.  I know, I know…you were just dying to see the change in one week.  But truthfully, the changes have really not been that shocking.  Not shocking like, “HOLY SHAZAM – I can’t believe the difference!” shocking.  Not like the first three weeks – cause that was just down-right craziness! 

I’m holding steady around the 164lb mark.  Last Wednesday I was 165lbs.  Over the course of the last week I have ranged from 165lbs down to 163lbs.  The Wednesday before that I was 166lbs.  So really, not much happening in the “weight” department, persay.  However, today was measurement DAY!!  I always get excited about that!  This week, I have lost another 2.75″ on my body.  So in two weeks, my weight has gone down only 2lbs, but my inches decreased a total of 6.5″.  I notice this week that I am actually able to comfortably wear my goal jeans!!  I’m so excited.  I have been trying them on weekly since I started.  I couldn’t get them up past my hips when I started on January 6th.  And now, they fit perfectly!!  They are a size 31″ waist.  I have not been a size 31″ waist since high-school (well except for those two weeks I could wear them after the divorce diet – but that doesn’t count).  I can’t wait to go jean shopping – at a store where the “cool kids” shop!!

In case you like to crunch my numbers and do some calculating – here they are:

Neck: 14″  13.5″

Chest” 41″ 37.25″

Upper L Arm: 13″  11.5″

Upper R Arm: 13″  12″  

Rib Cage: 37″  31″

Waist: 36″  30″

Abdomen: 41″  38″

Buttocks (hips too): 45″  41.5″

Thigh L: 26″  23″

Thigh R: 26.5″  23.75″

Upper L Knee: 16.5″  15.5″

Calf L: 15″  14″

Calf R: 15.25″  14″

Total:  339.25″  305″

That is a total loss of 34.25 INCHES!

So I have about 2 doses of drops left.  And I think I am ready to start maintenance.  So tomorrow I will stop taking drops.  For three days I will continue to follow my 500 calorie diet.  I do this, as the drops will leave my body by that time.  I will then start the maintenance phase of my program and add 200 calories a day to my daily food intake.  This will be the true test.  So stay tuned and see what happens.  I will continue with daily weighing and weekly measuring to keep my body in check. 

I promised I would be writing about excuses etc….however that will have to come later!  I’m having a busy week with sickly kiddos etc.  Because truly, life never stops. 

Happily slim…

Day 25

Today is another incredible day in my world.  Is my enthusiasm making you gag yourself with a big wooden spoon yet??

This morning I realized there was no school when the bus didn’t show up to pick up my grade one’er!  But we just came in the house, cranked the tunes to some “Big n’ Chunky” and started cleaning!!  The boys love the suction on the Central Vac…which is a bonus for me – because in between vacuuming the dust bunnies – we have fun!!

So 25 days.  25 days of NO coffee, no treats, no chips, no eating out, no Grande Eggnog Latte’s, and no morning Bailey’s!  WOW – what an accomplishment.  Have I mentioned, I feel the best I think I have EVER felt?

My weight has been holding steady between 166lbs and 165lbs for the last 5 days.  Close your eyes guys…I have the P-Tracker Lite app on my Iphone, which confirms I am “ovulating” – thus retaining water.  It’s supposed to even out on its own.  My cycle has been right on schedule (it always has been 28 days) – which is very pleasing to me and supports the fact that I am not pumping hormones into my body to mess things up. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m very intrigued by the obesity situation in Canada.  I’ve found some amazing resource and added some links for you to take a peek at.  In particular, check out this clip from the show “The Agenda with Steve Paikin” – “Fatter Than We’ve Ever Been”

Also, University of Edmonton has a ROCKSTAR doc doing some amazing research on this obesity thing they are calling an “epidemic”.  Mark my word, you will be seeing a lot about this topic on TV in the near future.  Educate yourselves peeps!  It takes just one person with initiative to inspire another…it snowballs from there!

I posted my weekly pics under “The Pictures” tab…up there…

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