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Delish Homemade Tomato Basil Soup

I made this tonight. I kind of just winged it! It took about 10-15 minutes to prepare. It turned out delicious and I just had to document it and share so I remember how to make it next time!! It’s farmer’s market season too! Whoop!

tomato soup

Delish Homemade Tomato Basil Soup
3-4 Fresh Large Tomatoes or 6-8 Medium Tomatoes
1 Tblsp Butter
1 Clove Garlic (diced fine)
1 Celery Stick (diced fine)
1/2 Yellow Onion (chopped fine)
1 Jalapeno (seeds & ribs removed and diced fine)
1-2 Cups of Organic Chicken Broth (or homemade stock)
Fresh Basil 6-8 Basil Leaves (chopped up)
1-2 tsp of Salt to taste
1/2 Cup of Diced Garlic Sausage (optional)
Cream (optional)

Cut out the core of the tomatoes and throw the tomato chunks in your blender or food processor. Puree. Pour into pot on stove on medium-low. While heating the tomatoes put 1 Tblsp butter in a frying pan on medium. Heat until it starts to bubble. Add the diced garlic, celery, white onion, and jalapeno. Cook until the onion is clear looking (you can also just skip that step and add it to the pot – I like the flavour it creates when I pre-cook these ingredients).  Add to pot. Add chicken broth, chopped basil, diced garlic sausage. Add salt to taste. Cook on medium-low for 30 minutes to an hour.

I used garlic sausage from Messinger Meats in Mirror, Alberta.  I recommend purchasing your meat from your local hormone and chemical free butcher.  I sometimes like to add a dash of heavy cream to my individual bowl of soup.  It’s a nice treat.

Do you have a favorite soup recipe?  I’d love to hear about it!

Feature Story – Jill Rowland & Sweet Success

Pssssst.  Jill has a beautiful story to tell you. You may relate. You may not. You may cry a little. But that’s okay. Sometimes it’s just nice to know you’re not alone.

Jill Rowland Before & After

Jill Rowland Before & After

My Story By Jill Rowland
I would love to be able to tell you about this great moment that my journey began.  You know, my rock bottom.  But mine was years of memories and moments.  Years of negative self-talk.  Years of feeling I could never be anything other than the funny fat girl.  I hated my body and was not happy with who I had become.  I had done every fad diet, gone down and back up again.  I had tried working-out endless hours a day, just to be discouraged at the end of the week.  I had, at one point, convinced myself that it was okay to be my size.  I was lying to myself.  I was not living life to the fullest and my family was hurting because of it.  Then one day I was done.  This was not going to be my future anymore.  I started my research looking for the magic pill that would make it all go away.  I phoned a few friends that had gastric bypass surgery and came to the conclusion that this would be my only way out.  Despite the risks and lifelong health problems, I was still willing to go ahead with the surgery.  To my dismay, there was a 1 year waiting list just to get an appointment and I didn’t want to wait, I wanted it now.

I went back to researching.  Over and over again, the HCG product kept coming up.  The more I read, the more I thought this may be was the answer.  After talking to a few different people and getting all negative feedback, and a million reasons why I should not do it, something inside me was saying not to let this go.  Against all the advice from others, I found a clinic in Montana and drove down to have my consultation with their Doctor.  I spent way too much money, but got everything I needed.  Over the next 39 days I lost 43lbs.  I did not tell a soul it was HCG for fear of all the negativity.  At the time, I was still not convinced this was going to work.  I then started maintenance and could not wait to do my next round.

My next round, I lost 34lbs in 39 days, then back to maintenance for a few more weeks.  I struggled a bit during maintenance because I had lost the weight so fast and it seemed almost effortless.  I don’t think my mind had a chance to catch up.  I found myself struggling with being a size 12.  I remember going into one of those stores that has the plus size on one side and the regular on the other.  After trying on all the pants in the plus size, the sales clerk finally convinced me to look on the “regular” side.  Funny as it was, I found this so hard.  I felt like everyone was going to be pointing and laughing.  Wondering what does that fat girl think she is doing shopping on “this side”.  For some time, I continued to shop at my regular plus size stores, doing the same routine every time.  I would go in, grab all 4xl’s and try them on.  Then work my way down to a 1X and realize everything was too big.

After doing a lot of talking, reading, researching and self-help, I can now finally say I am happy with my body and how far I have come.
 As others started to notice my significant weight loss, I had a few ladies that were actually brave enough to ask me how I did it (the rest just talked behind my back).  Although I had not told anyone that I was on HCG, for fear of all the negative response, I did share with a select few that I knew I could trust.  They were asking for my help.  As I watched my friends losing 50, 60 and 100lbs, I finally realized “man this stuff really works”.  When I came across Goodbye My Muffintop, I have to admit I was the biggest sceptic of them all, but the more I learned about the product, the more I realized I might be mistaken.  The only way I would know if it was as good as “the real stuff” was to try it. I bought my starter kit and planned on doing 21 days. After day 5, I was hooked.  I felt better than I had on my last two rounds of HCG and I was losing weight like crazy.  My energy level was way up and my stress level was way down.  I could not believe how much better I felt on the Release product than the HCG injections.  Also, it was nice to have the product all in one.  When I did injections, I had to take two different needles, one for the HCG and one for the B-12.  As well, I had to take supplements throughout the day.  I love the convenience of not having to buy and take so many pills.
 I am happy to say, I have now lost over 100lbs.  I continue to work on me every day and to make choices that will help me have better life.  Due to my weight loss success and struggles, I realized my journey and story could help others get started on their own journey.  I decided to team up with the girls from Goodbye My Muffintop.  I look forward to helping many more people end their battle with weight and begin living a much healthier, happier life. ~ Jill

If you would like to connect with Jill, you can email her personally at  I’m sure she would be happy to hear from you.  She has incredible passion and dedication and the success of her client’s reflects that.  If you decide you would like to order product online, and work specifically with Jill, be sure to type “JILL” in the special instructions section of your order.  We are working on Jill’s personal order page!

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Feature Story – Gym Rat Chronicles

Stacey and I started our weight release experience about the same time last January.  We supported, encouraged and inspired one another.  We were both in awe each week at our own results.  Stacey’s journey has been a very inspiring one, for many reasons.  She offered to share her experience using the Vibrational hCG with us.  While her before and after photos may not have the “shock” value you are expecting, her story may sound familiar!  Take a peek at the before and after views and read her story below. ~ Marriann

“I have always been extremely active with running, other cardio, weight lifting and some classes such as yoga and kettlebells. I always kept my weight down without too many problems. That is, until my body went sideways! Despite the strict eating habits and workouts, my weight started climbing. I worked with 5 different trainers and 3 different doctors and no one could figure out why the pounds were packing on. It was so frustrating! I kept thinking if I worked out a little harder, ate a little better, I would get some weight off. It never happened. In fact, the harder I pushed, the fatter I got! I finally had enough and made a decision to stop working out all together and stop dieting. To my shock and awe, the weight gain stopped! I never gained another pound. Why was I killing myself in the gym and being so strict with my eating? I was introduced to this amazing program, and decided to give it a go since NOTHING else had been working for me. Again, shock and awe! I did a 40 day run, shedding 19 pounds and 25 inches! Once I started adding foods back in, I quickly realized cottage cheese caused me to gain, and guess what all the trainers had me eating in abundance? When it came time to add in the carbs, I knew right away I could no longer eat oatmeal. Another food I had been eating constantly. Now I avoid them altogether. It was a great learning experience. I know I would have never figured that out otherwise. It is now a year and a bit down the road and I have maintained, other than the initial gains from the oatmeal and cottage cheese. I haven’t gone back to a vigorous workout routine, as I believe I was putting my body under too much stress, both physically and mentally, releasing stress hormones into my system that contributed greatly to my weight gain. I eat healthfully, most of the time, but don’t deprive myself. This is one program,where if protocol is followed, the weight will stay off!” ~ Stacey Guynup

Thanks Stacey for sharing with our readers!  You are an inspiration and my hope is that your story will help set even just one more person FREE!

One year later, Stacey continues with her interests in health, wellness and inspiring others.  She was introduced to the company Vemma and says “it has truly changed my life! My chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and migraines are so much better!  I am fully living life and loving it!”  Check out her business website at

Thanks again for sharing Stacey!!

*This testimony was strictly a volunteered submission.  There was no compensation or financial exchange or benefit from either party.  Goodbye My Muffintop is not associated with Vemma in any way.

Vitamin B12

Reinforce – Vitamin B12

Most people aren’t aware that a deficiency in Vitamin B12 may be a contributing factor to fatigue, anemia, weakness or depression.  According to the Office of Dietary Supplements “Neurological changes, such as numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, can also occur. Additional symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include difficulty maintaining balance, depression, confusion, dementia, poor memory, and soreness of the mouth or tongue. The neurological symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency can occur without anemia, so early diagnosis and intervention is important to avoid irreversible damage.”

Most of your body’s required nutrients should primarily come from food sources, by having a balanced healthful diet.  Vitamin B12 is found in animal products, including fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and milk products. Fortified breakfast cereals are also a good source.   However, it is important to read the product label to determine which, and how much added nutrients the cereal contains.  You may also want to double-check the ingredients.

There are some circumstances where it’s good to have additional “Vitamin B12 Insurance” by utilizing a high quality dietary supplement.  The following groups are those most likely to be Vitamin B12 deficient (source: Office of Dietary Supplements):

  • Older Adults
  • Individuals with Pernicious Anemia
  • Individuals with Gastrointestinal Disorders (such as Celiac Disease and Crohn’s Disease)
  • Individuals who have had gastrointestinal surgery
  • Pregnant and lactating women who follow strict vegetarian diets and their infants

Pregnant and lactating women may also want to consider supplementation if they feel they are not eating a balanced healthful diet rich in Vitamin B12.

If you would like to learn more about Vitamin B12 we invite you to take a peak at the Office of Dietary Supplements website.

We offer Reinforce, a sublingual Vitamin B12 oral supplement.

Disclaimer:  This information should not take the place of medical advice. We encourage you to talk to your health care providers (doctor, registered dietitian, pharmacist, etc.) about your interest in, questions about, or use of dietary supplements and what may be best for your overall health.  There is no endorsement by Office of Dietary Supplements.

Guest Blog “Good-bye” by Kelly Tibbets

Kelly Tibbets is fearless.  In fact…she is fearless in “Finding Fearless” and provides some incredible insight into her journey following my weight release program.  I am so grateful for her sharing, as I know many people will relate.  Here is her story…


By Kelly Tibbets

I have a dirty little confession to make…. I LOVED loading! Not because I ate all my favourite fatty foods that I NEVER let myself have…. but because, for the first time, possibly ever in my adult life – I ate without GUILT.

Guilt is my second least favourite emotion (next to jealousy) – it’s so useless and self-indulgent – it really serves absolutely no purpose – unless of course you’re an axe murderer – then Guilt might make you stop axe murdering – but in a regular everyday Mama like me all guilt does is give me more reasons to beat myself up.

Guilt and food have a delicious (pardon the pun) history in my life…  I have always used food as reward or pacifier.  I’m so sorry, you’re sad, have some chocolate cake!  Yay, you passed/won/succeeded, have some chocolate cake!

I have now been through the program twice and the first time I felt a lot of uncomfortable emotions that I wanted to ignore. The first being this guilt free loading and not hating it – does everyone say they hate it and they are lying?*  Is it just our womanly nature to pretend that we don’t LOVE bacon? Err… maybe it’s just me – maybe I have never understood the skinny little bitch who leaves the last bite of dessert because she’s “too full” – Are you kidding? You’re gonna waste that? I’ll eat it! (*I did hate how I felt after the 2 days – there is a reason that this kind of eating is considered unhealthy).

The second time around I realize what it is…. I’m scared that if I admit that I LOVE food then everyone will all nod their heads in unison “Ahhh, that’s why she’s fat”. Ick, ick, icky – on so many levels.  The biggest icky level being that I have thought this at EVERY SIZE I have been – even when I was “imaginary fat”.

So…. where does this leave me?  Part of this whole journey for me has had very little to do with weight loss – I have realized that it doesn’t matter what size I am – all of this guilt/self-deprecation still happens.  In fact, when my figure was at it’s very best in my adult life was when I was the most miserable.  I have turned to a lot of different soul-searching opportunities but Yoga has been the very best therapeutic tool for healing my poor little effed up psyche.

Beyond the physical benefits of Yoga – during practice certain poses can stir up certain emotions – and in our Western Culture we are encouraged to take those emotions and marinate in them and beat ourselves up about them and just feel shitty in general.  In Yoga, we acknowledge the emotion and then… are you ready for this?  You LET. IT. GO.  We don’t need to beat the shit out of the why, and the where and the when…. I feel guilty that I love food. So What? Who the Eff really cares?  Stop the presses and notify CNN. Poor Kelly feels guilty when she eats a hamburger!!  It looks so silly in black and white.

So… what’s my point?  I guess what I am discovering is that while it’s interesting to discover what your issues around food and weight and fitness might be…we all really need to stop beating ourselves/our relationships/our hearts up about it.  Feel the guilt, the pain, the disappointment – look it in the eye and send it some love and forgiveness and then tell it “Good-bye”.  Tell it that you acknowledge it and validate it – you understand that it’s there (here is where we are tempted to search and dissect and torture ourselves looking for the why) and it probably served a purpose at some point in your life – but now? Now these emotions that prevent you from achieving your optimal health and wellness are not serving you….


Remove the old garment which no longer suites you and step bravely into the new one –

 weaved from an awareness gained after years of struggle and pain.

 Do not lose sight of who you are in that quiet space – where only reality exists.

 You’ve paid a high price to get here – no sense in giving it all back.Your life is here and now

 Be present for it.

 Live it wisely.

Nirmala Devi – 11/07/05

If you would like to continue to read other great blog posts by Kelly, click here and follow her blog.

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