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While the rest of “The Class of ’99” ages, I will not.

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You may have already started to hear the buzz about Calorie Restriction Diets on such shows as Dr. Oz and Oprah.  Dr. Oz has been exploring it for some time now, and had several very interesting segments about the co-relation between anti-aging and calorie restriction.  A few times he has interviewed Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill, authors of The CR Way: Using the Secrets of Calorie Restriction for a Longer, Healthier Life.  Dr. Oz also emphasizes that certain foods help “turn back the time” and improve vitality such as red wine, Goji berries, and mangosteen.  I believe Dr. Oz has written a book about “staying young” as well.  If you google it, there are an endless number of books, societies and websites in support of calorie restriction diets and lifestyle.  He doesn’t know it, but Dr. Oz and I are fighting right now, so I’m not linking any of his stuff.

It’s so nuts to think that eating less can make you live longer.  If we eat to live, how can starving ourselves add years to our lives?  Sounded counter-intuitive to me.  However, something I realized before starting my recent weight release journey is I have to step outside the box.  I needed to explore different options.  So before I started my program I researched the words calorie restriction and made some very interesting discoveries.  A article said “In human subjects, CR has been shown to lower cholesterol, fasting glucose, and blood pressure. Some consider these to be biomarkers of aging, since there is a correlation between these markers and risk of diseases associated with aging.” and “CR is the only known dietary measure capable of extending maximum lifespan, as opposed to average lifespan.  In CR, energy intake is minimized, but sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients must be eaten.”  I found this to be pretty interesting stuff.  So I dug a little deeper.  LifeExtension has a pretty awesome report I highly recommend you read called “Activate Your Longevity Genes: Five Natural Compounds Simulate Caloric Restriction.  In that article Julius Goepp, MD says”Reducing the number of ingested calories – while maintaining healthy intake of essential nutrients – triggers a cascade of anti-aging mechanisms in the body.  More than 70 years of research have established its life-extending power.” Turns out this really isn’t something “new”.  Researchers have been looking into this stuff for decades – which sold me on trying my weight release program.  Seriously – lose weight AND look and feel younger.  Where do I sign?

LifeGen Technologies in the United States uses gene expression technology to study how the aging process is halted by caloric restriction.  On October 21, 2010 LifeGen Technologies was awarded a grant from the US National Institute on Aging.  As we speak there are some major studies continuing on the topic.  Watch this video on ABC news.  The guy they feature is a bit extreme when it comes to apples, in my opinion.  I prefer to eat the entire apple – not just the peels. LOL.  And then there is Canto and Owen, the 27 year old rhesus monkeys in the video.  They live at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center.  One has had a calorie restricted diet all his life, and looks great.  The other monkey has always been fed a SAD diet (The Standard American Diet).  These guys are said to be 94% genetically similar to humans. 

Canto & Owen

As hilarious as it is to have started a weight release program partly based on some articles I read online, and a few pictures and videos of two cooped up monkeys at some research center, I was willing to take a chance.  Am I ever glad I did.  While the rest of “The Class of ’99” gets older…your’s truly will be turning back the clock.

Wednesday Weigh-In

Eating everything you want is not that much fun.

When you live a life with no boundaries, there’s less joy. If you can eat anything you want to, what’s the fun in eating anything you want to? ~ Tom Hanks

Weighing-in this morning at 156.5lbs.  I have naturally lost 2lbs since last Wednesday.  My weight fluctuates day to day – depending on my water intake and where I’m at in terms of my womanly cycle.  

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I’m eating – trust me, I’m eating.  I try to eat at least 2-3 fruit servings a day and 6 or more vegetable servings.  My main protein sources come from chicken breast, ground beef, shrimp, greek yogurt and eggs.  I add olive oil and coconut oil when I am cooking.  I also eat cheese – in moderation.  Gosh I love cheese!!  Nom Nom Nom.  Almonds and walnuts have been my favorite snack – mixed with my yogurt, or plain.  I sweeten things with stevia only, flavoured stevia.  I also bought some organic dark-chocolate covered walnuts from Nutters.  I eat some of those when I am craving chocolate, and something sweet.  Delicious!

I am very impressed with the many changes that have gone on with my body – physically, mentally and emotionally.  Before I started my program I was grabbing fist-fulls of hair from my head, everytime I brushed it, or washed it.  Those that know me, know that my hair is my dinner ticket.  It’s long, shiney and my hairdressers always compliment how healthy my hair is.  Prior to January, I was getting really worried about the amount of hair I was losing – ask my husband.  It was an almost daily topic of discussion.  Not to mention, how annoying all the hair in the bathroom, and well, just everywhere!  It was a hairy situation – hahaha I crack myself up.  Now, my hair seems way thicker and has stopped falling out in fistfulls.  I’m pretty sure it has grown at least an inch, if not two since I started my vitamins and supplements. 

My fingernails, yes people, pay attention to your fingernails.  Are they weak, soft, brittle, peeling or ridged?  If so, your deficient in vital nutrients.  My fingernails were brittle, peeling and ridged.  I couldn’t grow them to save my soul.  I remember my husband’s grandmother, Grandma Helen, noticing my ridged fingernails in a photograph she saw of me posted on Facebook.  She emailed me to tell me I was obviously low on a certain vitamin (Gesh I wish I could remember what it was)!  Sadly, Grandma Helen passed away last year – far too soon for me – I still had so much to learn from her.  I’m sure my mother-in-law will comment though and tell us what that vitamin or nutrient was that was missing.  Now, my fingernails are growing nice and long, and strong. 

I had my monthly chiropractic visit today.  He was very impressed with my weight release.  He confirmed excess fat carries many toxins – which causes many other problems in the body.  He commented that my skin felt really great, and healthy.  He has noticed a big difference in my body – since before my weight release program.

Being rid of my uncontrollable cravings is my most favorite change.  I am finally optomistic that my weight released will be released forever.  I have no interest in eating chemical laced foods again.  Being addicted to them for more than 12 years, was more than enough for me.  I’m finally free. 

Lovin’ my increased energy, optimistic attitude and mental clarity – helping me to live each day to its full potential. 

I’d like to shout out to “My Shrinking Muffins” – all of whom are doing amazing on the program, and are very happy with their result.  We have a 4 new muffins getting started right away, and another muffin that fell off the weight release wagon, for some good ol’ Portland beer lol!  Stay tuned for their progress!

Goodbye My Muffintop has a Facebook Page.  I feature only nutritional supplements on that page.  Any of the nutritional supplements can be purchased at wholesale prices, without doing this weight program.  However, they would also nicely compliment any weight release program you are doing.  Just contact me if your interested.

If you are a local health and wellness professional, or business (Ie. Wellness Center, Naturopath, Chiropractor, GP, Fitness Trainer), I welcome your questions, comments, or concerns – of any nature!

Have an awesome week!  I’m doing some investigating on soy…and how it affects our bodies, male and female. 

Stress is making you fat. Shut-up??

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Your job, spouse, kids, finances, mother-in-law (joke..haha), and every other every-day worry is making you fat. If only you had known. Right? Dr. Michael A. Smith contributed to Life Extensions Blog, writing an article about stress, cortisol and body fat. He explores the “possible physiologic connection” between the three.

So what exactly is cortisol? Well, it’s a hormone that keeps you alive. It goes back to the “fight-or-flight” response we learned in Biology 30. Cortisol is our “fight-or-flight” hormone. Dr. Smith explains our built-in stress response is “a complicated set of physiological reactions that ultimately keep you alive during a dangerous situation.” Here is an example I made up:

1. You experience a stress. In Caveman times, imagine a sabre tooth tiger chasing you – wanting to eat you. Today, perhaps

Epimedium Herb

the stressful experience is seeing a child about to grab for the handle of a pot of boiling water on the stove (a.k.a. the experience).

2. In response to the stress this experience causes, enter cortisol. Your adrenal glands release cortisol into your bloodstream. Cortisol then initiates several metabolic changes in your body. One of those changes being an increase in blood sugar.

3. Increase of blood sugar…very interesting. Blood sugar is used by your brain, heart, and skeletal muscles for immediate energy so that you can fight, flight or run your ass to the stove so that kid doesn’t grab the handle of that scorching pot of water.

4. Once the stressful situation has come and gone, cortisol leaves your system and things return to a “normal” metabolic state. Right? Or does it?

Not bloody likely. Many people I come across are under a constant state of stress. The “life” we are living in 2012 isn’t the same as the “life” our parents, or grandparents lived. Pressures and deadlines to meet at work are demanding and stressful. The stress our kids give us – that‘s just a whole other show. Think of the economy and the way it has been – our finances are pushing us right to the edge. Some days, we just want to jump. We are exposed to drugs, gambling, alcohol – even if it’s not your addiction, but someone you love, the end result for you, is stress. Look at the divorce rate – this obviously equates to elevated stress.

In his article, Dr. Smith says “instead of a stress response system that’s fine-tuned for acute events, many of us have systems that are always on”. Ultimately, this causes “derangements” in our body’s metabolism. (I‘m not going to lie – I don‘t know exactly what “metabolic derangements“ are – but I understand it is similar to “metabolic syndrome“ or in jargon-less terms, damaged metabolism)

In a nutshell, what does this all mean? Well, the average person swims in a sea of hundreds of low-grade stressful events in a day. As a result, cortisol levels are chronically elevated. Because cortisol is chronically elevated, blood sugar is constantly being mobilized for energy. What happens when you don’t burn sugar? It gets stored as…you guessed it, FAT!

Finally, Mr. Smith confirms, excess stored fat is only one of the “metabolic derangements” (there’s that phrase again) caused by too much cortisol flowing through the body, from stress. How can we solve this problem? Well, there are a several ways. You could start by sitting back and accessing your life. What are your stressors? Are there things you could change, or just do without? Of course, it’s not going to magically melt away your fat, but it is certainly something to think about.

Wednesday Morning Weigh-In

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You:  “Shut the front door!!”

Me:  “I know!”

In case your just joining Goodbye My Muffintop, essentially I have used myself as a human science experiment for a controversial weight release program.  After loading on the fat 45 days ago, I weighed in at a hefty 188.5lbs.  As a woman 5’6.5″ tall, that put me right smack borderline obese on the BMI charts.  Enter, “FREAKING OUT”! 

It has been nearly 2 weeks since I entered the maintenance phase of my weight release program.  I’ve been indulging in such things as almonds, pecans, greek yogurt, organic salad dressing, eggs and cheese.  At this phase of the game – everything is fair game with the exception of sugar and starches.  To be honest – I am not missing my old carb cravings one bit!!  It’s almost hard to believe I don’t have crazy-ridiculous take-over every ounce of self-control I ever had, carbaholic carb cravings.  This program has re-set my metabolism by shocking the control center of my brain – the hypothalamus.  I should never have to “diet” again – so long as I steer clear of the chemical laden foods I have been fueling my body with for the last 12 years.  I will weight myself daily to keep my weight in check.  Another week and a half and I’m ready to start the last three weeks of my program – I’ll be adding sugar and starches.  Which, at this point, I feel like I could take em’ or leave ’em.  A feeling I never thought possible judging my by my yo-yo dieting history.  I’ve been a prisoner, held captive by my own fat – until now.  Look out world – she’s baaaack.

I’m here to educate other’s on how they too can take control of their lives, by taking control of their bodies.  I’m getting ready to launch my new business soon!

In case you’re wondering how my team of “Shrinking Muffin’s” is doing, here is THAT tally. 

5 Muffins – 45 Days

115.6LBS of abnormal fat released (that’s equivalent to weight of an entire person – BTW)

137.55″ of lumps, humps and body bumps released

Am I proud?  Words can’t quite express it.  Contact me to learn more about how you too can join my “Shrinking Muffin” team and shed your abnormal body fat while learning to eat real healthy wholesome food, for life.

What excuses do you have for not staying in the weight loss game?

I don’t know about you, however, in the past, I was a Queen – that’s right, Queen with a capital “Q” – for making excuses as to why I was on this crazy yo-yo weight “loss” cycle.  I say “in the past” simply because I am re-training my way of thinking.  And, re-training my way of thinking will be so important for me in maintaining the weight I have released.  So here is a taste of excuses I know I have made – and in bold, what I have done to change those excuses. 

1.  I’m too busy.  I have a job, two kids and family.

My new healthy lifestyle has given me more energy to do, well, all of the above.  I have energy to be busier (haha – I somehow found a way to become busier inspiring others to be all that they were intended to be).  My attitude as has changed at work – I am more focused and have increased my effectiveness and productivity at work.  Because I have more energy and clarity, I take time to spend with my family.  I get down on the floor and play with my kids.  We read stories and sometimes – just snuggle. 

2.  I can’t remember to take my daily vitamins. 

You know those nasty pill containers that our grandparent’s have?  You know, the ones with their morning and night pills separated for every day of the week.  Well, I splurged and spent $7 on one of those at the grocery store.  This has made it so simple, and easy for me to take my daily vitamins.  I fill it up once a week – which takes me 5 to 10 minutes.  I’ve missed taking my vitamins 1 night, in the last 36 days.

3.  I’m to tired. Period. 

Well, I already told you I have more energy.  I have a constant stream of energy now from the time I get up in the morning, until about 9 or 10 at night.  I aim for at least 8 hours of sleep at night – because sleep is important for our bodies (I see a possible topic in the future…SLEEP.  Why is it important?).

4.  I can’t resist the cravings.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t still have cravings.  Because, I do.  Sometimes, these craving are habitual.  For instance, when in line at the grocery store and the Caramilk bar is screaming at me “buy me…eat me…I taste soooo good!”.  I just say to myself in my head “I don’t need you Caramilk – you make me more tired, and helped give me my muffintop”.  Or, at night after the kids go to bed and I’m winding down on the couch – I used to love to snuggle up with a bag of chips.  Now, I eat an orange diced up and dusted with cocoa powder and stevia – frozen.  YUM! 

5.  I like celebrating with my family by cooking great meals, or going out for dinner. 

Holiday family meals – a hurdle I have yet to HAVE to tackle.  I have healthy eating cookbooks – so I will learn how to make a delicious meal without butter, white bread, and cream.  As far as going out – I just know I will have to order a healthy option (Ie. Salad with dressing on the side and chicken breast).  No more Chinese Food binges with hubby.  Applebee’s will definitely be out of the picture – they don’t offer one healthy choice on their menu.  I know there are many restaurants that offer healthy food.  It will be in my control to make a healthy choice. 

6.  Eating-out is impossible to avoid with my job.

Tackled this baby yesterday!  Had my first PR lunch out.  I was a little nervous – because really, people sometimes look at you funny when you order a salad – just a salad.  Ranchhouse offers a Springmix Salad, which I had topped with chicken breast.  I did not eat the bread it came with, nor did I use the dressing I asked for “on the side, please”.  I drank water.  I was full, and satisfied after my meal.  No 2PM nappy! 

7.  I don’t like to make two separate meals – for my family and myself.

Hubby is on board with healthy eating.  He will be starting my program soon.  I have always promoted healthy eating at home – so this is nothing new.  It’s just hard for my family when I am inconsistent.  I make the meals – so it is my responsibility to nourish my family with healthy food, that tastes good! 

8.  I don’t have time to exercise as much as I need to.  I’m to heavy to run anymore.  My knees hurt when I run now.

I’m nearly 30lbs lighter!  My knees don’t hurt anymore.  I can’t wait to run again – cause I love the endorphin’s pumping through my body, and the way I feel when I run!!  Plus, that energy thing – I have energy – therefore, I have time. 

9.  I love to relax in front of the TV with an evening snack.  I love Double-Stuffed Oreo’s way to much.  I love ripple chips and jalapeno dip way to much.

I understand now, eating an entire row (okay….an entire bag) of Double-Stuffed Oreo cookies will not support my lifelong goal of maintaining my weight released.  Nor will the ripple chips, jalapeno dip, cheesy dilly dip, pop etc. etc. etc.  I can’t eat those things anymore.  Period. 

10.  I love to cook, and people who love to cook can’t be thin.

People can love to cook and be thin.  They just can’t sample every bit, lick every spoon – and then eat two (plus) servings of what they have prepared – at each meal. 

11.  I get bored with the same routine and I don’t lose weight fast enough to keep me motivated.

I’ve lost weight fast, I feel good, I look good.  Therefore, I am motivated.  I will change my routine by exploring different recipes – recipes that nourish my body. 

12.  I’ve had two babies – they just wrecked my body.

I have my body back – it’s not their fault! They are innocent people!  I can’t blame those beautiful boys!

13.  I’m getting older and my metabolism has slowed down – I’m destined to have flab forever. 

I’ve reset my metabolism.  I’ve released visceral fat (fat surrounding my organs, and abdominal fat).  I will not have flab forever.  I’ll be thin forever! 

14.  The weight will come back as soon as I stop my regime – so why bother starting, AGAIN?!

Again, I’ve reset my metabolism.  I will be able to consume a healthy number of calories each day – enough to support what my body needs to function, plus exercise. 

Okay, I have to stop now.  I could continue, trust me.  I gotta say, this is shocking when I see it in writing!!  If you are carrying excess weight, or just downright feel older than you really are – what are your excuses?

I’m not on a “diet” anymore.  I’ve changed the way I fuel my body.

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