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What to say when all your friends want to talk about is…

What to say when all your friends want to talk about is exercising, dieting, or picking apart their body….

Change the subject.



Do you ever find yourself in that awkward situation where someone makes fun of their body? It’s awkward. You can tell a person a million times “Oh stop it, you are beautiful” and often it falls on deaf ears.  You get to a certain point where you just get tired of hearing the self-criticizing. It’s exhausting. Praising these people doesn’t work. Sometimes the most appropriate thing to do is change the subject.

Great point ShannyCakes…great point!

I think this is WAY more awkward for guys to deal with.  It happened this weekend to my poor hubby.  He was like “I didn’t know what to say.” and I looked at him and said “If I knew I would tell you.” I don’t think we said anything.  There was a long awkward pause and one of us said “Yah…so, that damn wind, hey?”.

Really?  Do you really?

Really? Do you really?

Really? Do you really love your body?  We have come to a point where it is socially acceptable to moralize food. It’s okay to justify over-eating with exercise. It’s okay to justify under-eating with over-eating. It also comes across as being fine to exercise to the point of injury.  Maybe, for some people, the first step in loving their body is to stop talking about it.  I know this, because this was me.

Aren’t their more important things to talk about in life? Kids, family, relationships, maybe how to make the world a better place? ANYTHING? I challenge you this week to pay attention to the chitter-chatter going on around you. It happens in real-life, it happens on social media. You may be surprised what kinds of things you see and hear.

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