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Change Your Beliefs.

It’s super uber scary to face your fears head on and make yourself vulnerable to feel those dark & ugly things you may have been stuffing down or escaping for years or even decades. BUT – if you don’t like who you are. And you want to change. And what you are doing clearly isn’t working for you anymore – you have to CHOOSE to change.

Here is a little activity….Examine your beliefs.

1. What are your beliefs?
2. What do you believe about yourself?
3. Are these beliefs things people have told you that you are in the past?
4. Are these beliefs ideas that YOU have convinced YOURSELF of based on your own judgement of others?
5. What do you believe about health, nutrition, fitness?
6. What do you believe “healthy” looks like?
7. What do you believe about people who have fat?
8. What do you believe about people who don’t have fat?
9. What do you believe about food? Do you moralize food into “good” and “bad”?
10. Are any of your beliefs supported and true?

Have you ever considered that you can CHANGE your beliefs? Guess what!  You TOTALLY can.  You will only get beyond who you are today if you change your beliefs.we cannot become who we want to be by remaining who we are


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