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Release Retreat Review

Thank you to The Bra Lounge for sponsoring this event!  Thank you ALSO to The Art of Lauren Cowles for her contribution of the beautiful art pieces.release4

We laughed.  We listened.  We cried.  We shared stories.  We lifted each other up.  We comforted each other.  We swore.  #LittleAsshole

There was a point mid-day when I sat at the back of the room observing, choking back tears.  I was so proud of the positive energy and comfort we had created.  Mission accomplished.  The day was perfect.

We had attendees complete a short little survey at the end of the day.  Out of 16 guests, 12 ranked the full day retreat as “Freaking Awesome”.

Here are some of the things they had to say:

“I really enjoyed the retreat.  It gave me different ideas of how to cope and what I still need to work on.”  ~ Anonymous

“This was fantastic.  Thank you for putting your hard work into creating this retreat.  Thank you for being vulnerable and allowing others a change to grow.” ~ Anonymous

“I *pink puffy heart* you all.  This was an amazing and uplifting day.  I loved sharing it with everyone and left feeling lighter than when I arrived.  Thank you.” ~ Tina, Red Deer, AB

“You both are amazing and inspiring thank you so much for having this day.  I am really working on being a more positive person and you are both so awesome.” ~ Billie-Jo McKinley, Red Deer, AB

“Thank you ladies for an awesome day!  I feel energized and re-focused!” ~ Anonymous

“I am so glad I made the quick decision to attend.  I don’t usually do these kinds of things and if I would have thought about it I would have talked myself out of it.  You provided a great, safe environment.  I was never afraid to share my ideas or stores and never felt judged.” ~ Anonymous

“Perfect “class” size.  Wouldn’t suggest many more.  It was a great day to think about myself.  I really feel I am ready to be my more authentic self.” ~ Jenni Dunkeld

“Thank you so much to all the presenters” ~ Anonymous

“Thank you so much for putting in the time & energy it took to put this together!!  Many congratulations on a well organized day!” ~ Claire Weisse, Red Deer

They loved the Yoga!  They loved the Psychic Cowgirl!  They loved Kelly Tibbet’s 21 Steps! They loved the venue.  They want more!  And we are going to deliver! 

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