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Forgive Yourself. Forgive Your Body.

A particularly surprising part of my journey this year has been about FORGIVENESS – but not in a way that some of us might think…. I think when we hear the words “Forgiveness” we look at it outwardly – we look at others who have hurt, or wronged, or neglected us.  This is intrinsically important to your Release Revolution path – but not to the outside… to the inside.  You MUST FORGIVE YOURSELF AND YOUR BODY.

 I had a time not to long ago where I was holding my “Mama Muffin” ­­­(you know, the flaps of skin and fat that get left behind after a little too much baby weight gain, and some c-sections and some stress)… And I was pretty disgusted and ashamed about it BUT for whatever reason – for the first time ever – it made me feel profoundly sad that I felt that way about my body.  I thought about feeling that much hate and disgust towards something on my childrens’ bodies.  My 3 year old daughter has Cystic Fibrosis and I am even smart enough to recognize the implications of hating that awful disease so much it could somehow impact her psyche.  So why don’t I extend that courtesy to myself ?  Why would I want my daughters to think for a single solitary second that it is okay to literally loathe a part of your body?­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  It’s not.  It’s not okay.  It’s not okay.

 Part of what I struggled with in forgiving my body and accepting it was that this step actually felt like I was absolving the ugliness of this mama muffin.  Like I was trying to fool the world that I didn’t realize how terrible it looked – I feared the judgment from other people that they would think I was bat-shit crazy for saying that I loved something that was so unattractive!  There was something bat-shit crazy in that way of thinking and it wasn’t about accepting the muffin-top!

The worst part of this journey has been realizing that it won’t matter how much weight I lose.  While losing weight changes the way my body looks and for a minute I really like the way it looks – Eventually, that nasty little bitch in my head finds a way to find all of the critical things I feel about my body…. my body does not change… I let those voices in… and I need to shut them up!  And the fact is, Even if I lost 5, 10, 20 more pounds I would enjoy the way I looked for awhile – and then…. self-judgment would find it’s way in. 

So I am working on it.  Forgiving. Myself. My body.  More importantly, I am begging, pleading and praying that my body will forgive me.  I hope you can do the same – KellyImage

Release Revolution – 21 Days To Loving Yourself (and your body)

So… are you telling yourself that next year (2013) is THE year?  Is this the year that you are finally going to take off the weight, eat healthfully, exercise regularly?  Are you fueled by the excitement that January 1 stirs up… the diet and exercise industry thrive on this excitement, they bank on this excitement, they are already inundating you with messages – via television advertising, magazine covers, even the side bars on Facebook…


We are proud that we don’t want repeat customers… We are proud that we are giving people an option to really, REALLY, Re-set their bodies…  Give their bodies that have been yo-yoed to oblivion a chance to start over metabolically speaking… Give you a chance to tackle your demons when it comes to your body, food, exercise, self-worth, self-love…


Tomorrow we are encouraging you to start the habits now that will allow you to succeed once and for all.  3 weeks away from the traditional New Year’s day… Give yourself a fighting chance.. Go into this ready with the right tools… It’s gonna seem a little hippy-dippy flakey from time to time, it’s gonna seem pretty scary, but we promise it will be liberating, it will forever change you if you let it…


This “Release Revolution” is absolutely FREE to anyone who wants to follow along.  To anyone who wants to get ready to succeed.  Simply click “Like” on our Facebook Fan Page  to receive the daily affirmations/advice/mantras.  Right now all you need to do is start thinking about surrendering to your body, accepting your body, what makes you think you are going to love your body 20, 30, 40 pounds from now if  you haven’t yet?  Everyone always talks about “their fittest” body or their “skinniest” body and they will always admit that they didn’t completely surrender their critical or obsessive thoughts.  You promise yourself this… you look at pictures of yourself from high school, or college, or on your wedding day and you think to yourself “oh, if I could just have THAT body that I HATED so much – I PROMISE I will love it”…. but Releasing the weight down to THAT body isn’t enough… the work that needs to be done to get THERE is in your head.


Are ya’ with us?  Stay tuned to our Fan Page for your first tip tomorrow…. We are also going to be throwing in one more twist to this so keep watching for that!


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