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Shame on You Ralph Lauren – “Plus Sized Model”

Something got my panties in a knot a while ago.  It was a tweet that said “So Ralph Lauren is calling this woman their first “plus size model”. Hey, Ralph – bite me. Seriously. Just BITE ME.” via @KikkiPlanet.

THIS is the said “plus sized model”:

Robin Lawley via Twitter

I’m annoyed that there still is even such a thing as a “Plus Sized Model”. I feel sorry for these models that are “labelled” such. Here is a link, where the model is interviewed and congratulated for making it into the industry – modelling for Ralph Lauren and being labelled as his FIRST “Plus Sized Model”. She is an Australian Model for a “Plus Sized Modelling Agency”. She is a towering 6’2″ and wears a size 12. She would not divulge her weight in the interview. Which, she is right, it really doesn’t matter what her weight is. Shame on you, Ralph Lauren for contributing to the twisted perception of what a “normal” woman’s body should look like.

We had a little twitter convo about “said” photo and @KikkiPlanet shared a blog post she had written. It is a really good read.  I am totally on board with the message that “Women have given their feminine power and sexuality to the monster that is the fashion industry, the beauty magazines, the cosmetic surgeons, and the diet moguls.”

These industries definitely had me! They don’t anymore. This is what I think of when I see the commercials, the ads and the products and magazines on the shelves.

How the hCG Diet Protocol Can Lead to Divorce…”Say What?”

Weight Loss Apocalypse: Buy The Book

I have been connecting with a LOT of new people this past month!  It seems every single day I hear somebody refer to their weight in SOME context.  People are sick and tired of being “sick and tired”.  People are sick and tired of the exhausting efforts they are taking, trying to “lose” fat and get their long lost bodies back.  That being said, people are desperate to try almost anything.  With, THAT being said, companies are willing to market almost anything so little Ole vulnerable YOU will spend your MOULA!  I swear to GOD, if I hear that “skinny green tea” commercial on the radio ONE MORE TIME I will poke my own eyes out.

One thing I am discovering is that the general public needs to be educated on the HCG diet protocol, and the products available on the market.  I am starting to see various hCG diet ads plastered all over the place.  It is becoming readily available in Canada.  You can even buy a certain product at a certain national health food store (buyer beware…please read ON!)  Here is my message…DON’T BUY HCG PRODUCTS ONLINE or from any random unknown source.  Only buy online or from a store if someone referred you to a product because THEY used it, THEY felt great doing the protocol AND you can physically see their results (Definition of “physically see results”:  They have noticeably lost a great deal of FAT, and inches off their body.  They have a nice clean complexion and overall look healthy).  Save your FRIGGEN money and buy your products HERE LOL (just kidding!  Not really.)

What you must realize is the hCG Diet Industry is actually quite demented.  OKAY, it is VERY DEMENTED.  I have had people come to me because they were overwhelmed by the number of different hCG products available.  “Which ones are safe and effective?”, they ask.  I have had several people in the last month come to me because they bought a product online.  Some of them tried the protocol using the product they bought online (it didn’t work out so hot).  One person was a little hesitant to use the product based simply on the appearance of the product once it arrived in their mailbox.  There are many myths about the HCG diet protocol.  There are myths, because people buy crappy products and have horrible side-effects doing the protocol.  They experience unbearable hunger, mood-swings, nearly file for divorce (don’t laugh – one girl actually told me that), etc. “Why?” you might ask.  Well, if you are doing a low-calorie diet using a product that contains NO form of HCG – you are starving yourself and will experience symptoms similar to that of a starvation diet (divorce included).  That is all.

Because of these stories of people having nightmare experiences doing the protocol, thus the “myths” and “rumours” started.  Because of the “myths” and “rumours” people believe it is the actual “hCG” component that caused these horrendous side-effects.  Truth be known, because people believe it is the “hCG” component that is so naughty, companies have actually removed said “hCG component” from their products, and added a bunch of other miscellaneous “fat burning” crap so they could market it as “hCG Free!”.  “hCG Free” equals BAD news for the general public, and their health, if they do the protocol using the “hCG Free” product.

My goal is to educate and raise awareness for the general public, health-care providers, personal trainers, nutritionists…the list goes ON and ON.  When using Robin Phipps Woodall’s Mind:Body Method following the hCG Protocol people see results and feel great.  I am hosting an information session in Red Deer on November 1, 2012 at 7:00PM.  Please click on this link to find out more details.  Share with your friends and colleagues.  Help me spread the word and continue to educate people and change lives!!/events/424375877630052/

If you are considering starting the protocol, I highly (HIGHLY!) recommend you click on the picture to the right and order the book!  Set yourself up for 110% success! (And no, I’m not affiliated, nor do I get paid if you BUY the book!)

An Angel Among Us: Her Story – Kelly Tibbets Before & After

My Release Journey

By Kelly Tibbets

Kelly Before

I don’t remember a time in my life where I haven’t thought about dieting or exercising or my size … I have been every kind of fat! The little girl who developed before her friends.. who wasn’t really fat at all – just the first to get boobs, I was imaginary fat for most of my adolescence and young adult life – and all this created was a woman who obsessed about every morsel of food she ate and exercised 2 or 3 hours per day.  And then, after 2 difficult pregnancies that ended in C-sections I was real, size 18, thighs rubbing together fat.

In 2006 (just before my first pregnancy) I decided to train for a 1/2 marathon – and knew I had to quit smoking to make that happen!  What happened by accident is I became addicted to food – particularly sugar – of course this was not reflected in any kind of weight gain as I was burning thousands of calories a day training.  I was actually 6 weeks pregnant when I ran the 1/2 and this was the start of being “REAL” fat…

Through all my struggles with my weight and my appearance, I have never loathed my body the way I have for the last 7 years. I felt like it was betraying me – after all the damn step aerobics and running and weight lifting just 10 months of a crappy pregnancy and this is what it does to me?  All the while, I am completely ignoring what is happening with me when it comes to food… how much more I am turning to food for comfort, for pleasure, to stuff down painful feelings.

Right around the time that the scale finally starts to move again for me when my first child is about 18 months (eating a low carb diet and again, exercising about 90 to 120 minutes per day) I get pregnant again, and again, crappy pregnancy ending in c-section.  Throw in a little Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis for this second child and all hope of ever being physically fit again seemed to fly out the window.

Now that I have been through the protocol several times and lost nearly 60 freakin’ pounds – I can see how powerfully addicted to food and exercise I was (and maybe still am).  During the worst parts of coming to terms with my child’s diagnosis whenever I found myself alone  and I didn’t want to cry the whole time – I would eat, and eat, and eat… sometimes until I was painfully full for hours after the binge.

I met Marriann in March – I wanted to know more – but was afraid.  Again, I had always used diet and exercise to maintain my weight, I had never even tried Weight Watchers, or Jenny Craig or anything like that –  but now it felt different… even during times when I was very focused on healthy eating and exercise I was not getting the results to match with my efforts… I felt broken, messed up, out of control, hormonally imbalanced, almost un-clean.

Kelly After

With this last round of protocol I will be close to a 60 pound weight loss physically and an infinite pound weight loss spiritually.  If you are tired of feeling guilty about food or your weight, if you are tired of counting every calorie consumed and burned, if you are tired of working out for hours and hours at a time… please contact us.  This is not a lose weight fast scam (even though you do lose weight fast) this is a RELEASE this weight once and for all FOREVER!

Aside from being President of the Central Alberta Chapter for Cystic Fibrosis, she is up to many things these days.  She is leaving a path of inspiration behind her.

You can follow Kelly Tibbets as she documents her fascinating life journey in her blog called Finding Fearless.  She tells stories of hope, love, and life.  She is an inspiration to many and her words will touch your soul and make you think, and reflect.  Kelly recently had an article published in Entrepreneur Mom Now called “The Busy Trap: When Busy is a Four Letter Word”.  She is also being celebrated on October 18, 2012 in Edmonton, as she was nominated for a FIERCE award in the category of Resilient.

Date Night with my Treadmill

If you read my last post, The Moment I Surrendered, you would understand that in the past, I used exercise as a means of feeding my emotional (and physical) addiction to food.  As part of this journey, I purposely haven’t scheduled time in my life to “work-out”.  “That can’t be good!  She doesn’t exercise? WTF?”  Well, in all honesty if you don’t consider leisure bike rides and walks, carting around a 30 pound baby, planting and caring for a gardening, cleaning my house and loving over 300 trees and 3 acres of land…as exercise, then there is nothing I can say to convince you, ’cause you are just too damn stupid.

There has been a couple of times where I almost succumb to my emotional need to set out on an exercise mission.  I registered in February for the Melissa’s Road Race (which happened last weekend).  I tried to start training (once lol), which did feel awesome (OMG is it easier to run being more than 30lbs lighter)!  I also ran on my treadmill once, the day after I finished my “diet phase”.  I haven’t touched weights once, in well over a year.  It’s actually probably been about 16 months since I lifted a weight.

Anyway…what the hell is my point?  Oh yah…On Friday night, it was just the baby and I, and I was bored to death (we have 3 tv channels…enough said).  So, I decided to walk/run on my treadmill for 1/2 hour and lift some weights for 15 minutes.  I did 3×15 reps with 10lb. dumbbells working my biceps, and then my triceps.  For those of you who may be un-educated, un-informed or just down-right ignorant, the HCG diet protocol is not a starvation diet (when done as intended and with quality products).  It does not “eat muscle” (when done as intended and with quality products).  The FAT released does not come back (when done as intended and with quality products).  Wanna see a gun show?

Gun Show

One last point…if you want to continue to chase the same 15-30lbs and keep over-eating, exercising and feeding the demon that is a physical and emotional relationship with food…then buy some useless “substance” online or from someone who doesn’t know shit…and leave me the hell alone.

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