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Lovely Lady Lumps and The Bra Lounge

I’ve met some pretty sweet ladies…but nothing compares to the girls at Red Deer’s own The Bra Lounge.  Sheena, Cortney (she will forever be “Cortney with no U” in my mind), Caity and Melissa have got to be the sweetest girl’s, by far, that I have ever met!

As part of my mission to help other’s shed their undesirable muffintops and/or man boobs etc., you all had the great pleasure of seeing me in my skimpies, and most everyone agrees my “nude” bra was pretty lame.  Not to mention the undies, and in case you didn’t notice, each have the day of the week on them.  Sexy, and I know it!  30lbs is a lot of weight to release, especially when you think of how heavy a 10lb bag of sugar is.  Last time I measured my rib cage I had shed 7″ around where my bra sits.  That being said, the ladies shrunk and my girls were not getting the support they needed.  I thought I’d treat myself to some new bra’s and support a local business in the process!  My experience was more than just “buying a new bra”.

First off, Sheena examined me wearing my old bra, and then she took actual measurements to see what size I would need.  She measured my rib cage (where the bottom of my bra sits) to determine that I needed a size 34 bra instead of my size 38.

Then she had me try different cup sizes to find the right fit.  I tried on at least 6 to 8 different bras.  They were many different styles.  I prefer a shaped cup.  She adjusted the straps each time I tried on the bra to ensure it was fitting properly and there was no “bubbling” out of the cup.  After finding several bras that looked and felt great, I decided to purchase the white one.  It’s a “Marie-Jo” at a size 34D.  It is a good multi-use bra and very versatile straps.  I can do normal over the shoulders, or halter style.  A nice compliment to my wardrobe for summer.  I am pretty sure I saw  The Bra Lounge advertise the other day, they had a pink colour now, in this style.

Below are the before and after photos.  You can see a noticeable difference in my old bra.  It was not supportive at all.  It was a size 38C.  Far to big, and old.  The elasticity was pretty much shot.  I had the straps tightened right up and the back of the bra was creeping up my back.  I would have to adjust all day long.  Not to mention, the girls were not “up” where they should be.  My new bra sits where it should be.  I was concerned with the snuggness of the new bra, and how it kind of made my skin bubble over on the back.  Sheena re-assured me that it needed to be this way for proper support.  Also, she said “people see you coming, not going” and after a few wears, and washes the “bubbles” would not be.  She was right!  It’s important to never compromise support for the lovely lady lumps.

You can visibly see the differences in the old bra compared to the new one.  I am loving it!  At the end of my experience I give The Bra Lounge, and their amazing staff, two thumbs up!

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