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Wednesday Weigh-In

Eating everything you want is not that much fun.

When you live a life with no boundaries, there’s less joy. If you can eat anything you want to, what’s the fun in eating anything you want to? ~ Tom Hanks

Weighing-in this morning at 156.5lbs.  I have naturally lost 2lbs since last Wednesday.  My weight fluctuates day to day – depending on my water intake and where I’m at in terms of my womanly cycle.  

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I’m eating – trust me, I’m eating.  I try to eat at least 2-3 fruit servings a day and 6 or more vegetable servings.  My main protein sources come from chicken breast, ground beef, shrimp, greek yogurt and eggs.  I add olive oil and coconut oil when I am cooking.  I also eat cheese – in moderation.  Gosh I love cheese!!  Nom Nom Nom.  Almonds and walnuts have been my favorite snack – mixed with my yogurt, or plain.  I sweeten things with stevia only, flavoured stevia.  I also bought some organic dark-chocolate covered walnuts from Nutters.  I eat some of those when I am craving chocolate, and something sweet.  Delicious!

I am very impressed with the many changes that have gone on with my body – physically, mentally and emotionally.  Before I started my program I was grabbing fist-fulls of hair from my head, everytime I brushed it, or washed it.  Those that know me, know that my hair is my dinner ticket.  It’s long, shiney and my hairdressers always compliment how healthy my hair is.  Prior to January, I was getting really worried about the amount of hair I was losing – ask my husband.  It was an almost daily topic of discussion.  Not to mention, how annoying all the hair in the bathroom, and well, just everywhere!  It was a hairy situation – hahaha I crack myself up.  Now, my hair seems way thicker and has stopped falling out in fistfulls.  I’m pretty sure it has grown at least an inch, if not two since I started my vitamins and supplements. 

My fingernails, yes people, pay attention to your fingernails.  Are they weak, soft, brittle, peeling or ridged?  If so, your deficient in vital nutrients.  My fingernails were brittle, peeling and ridged.  I couldn’t grow them to save my soul.  I remember my husband’s grandmother, Grandma Helen, noticing my ridged fingernails in a photograph she saw of me posted on Facebook.  She emailed me to tell me I was obviously low on a certain vitamin (Gesh I wish I could remember what it was)!  Sadly, Grandma Helen passed away last year – far too soon for me – I still had so much to learn from her.  I’m sure my mother-in-law will comment though and tell us what that vitamin or nutrient was that was missing.  Now, my fingernails are growing nice and long, and strong. 

I had my monthly chiropractic visit today.  He was very impressed with my weight release.  He confirmed excess fat carries many toxins – which causes many other problems in the body.  He commented that my skin felt really great, and healthy.  He has noticed a big difference in my body – since before my weight release program.

Being rid of my uncontrollable cravings is my most favorite change.  I am finally optomistic that my weight released will be released forever.  I have no interest in eating chemical laced foods again.  Being addicted to them for more than 12 years, was more than enough for me.  I’m finally free. 

Lovin’ my increased energy, optimistic attitude and mental clarity – helping me to live each day to its full potential. 

I’d like to shout out to “My Shrinking Muffins” – all of whom are doing amazing on the program, and are very happy with their result.  We have a 4 new muffins getting started right away, and another muffin that fell off the weight release wagon, for some good ol’ Portland beer lol!  Stay tuned for their progress!

Goodbye My Muffintop has a Facebook Page.  I feature only nutritional supplements on that page.  Any of the nutritional supplements can be purchased at wholesale prices, without doing this weight program.  However, they would also nicely compliment any weight release program you are doing.  Just contact me if your interested.

If you are a local health and wellness professional, or business (Ie. Wellness Center, Naturopath, Chiropractor, GP, Fitness Trainer), I welcome your questions, comments, or concerns – of any nature!

Have an awesome week!  I’m doing some investigating on soy…and how it affects our bodies, male and female. 

Stress is making you fat. Shut-up??

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Your job, spouse, kids, finances, mother-in-law (joke..haha), and every other every-day worry is making you fat. If only you had known. Right? Dr. Michael A. Smith contributed to Life Extensions Blog, writing an article about stress, cortisol and body fat. He explores the “possible physiologic connection” between the three.

So what exactly is cortisol? Well, it’s a hormone that keeps you alive. It goes back to the “fight-or-flight” response we learned in Biology 30. Cortisol is our “fight-or-flight” hormone. Dr. Smith explains our built-in stress response is “a complicated set of physiological reactions that ultimately keep you alive during a dangerous situation.” Here is an example I made up:

1. You experience a stress. In Caveman times, imagine a sabre tooth tiger chasing you – wanting to eat you. Today, perhaps

Epimedium Herb

the stressful experience is seeing a child about to grab for the handle of a pot of boiling water on the stove (a.k.a. the experience).

2. In response to the stress this experience causes, enter cortisol. Your adrenal glands release cortisol into your bloodstream. Cortisol then initiates several metabolic changes in your body. One of those changes being an increase in blood sugar.

3. Increase of blood sugar…very interesting. Blood sugar is used by your brain, heart, and skeletal muscles for immediate energy so that you can fight, flight or run your ass to the stove so that kid doesn’t grab the handle of that scorching pot of water.

4. Once the stressful situation has come and gone, cortisol leaves your system and things return to a “normal” metabolic state. Right? Or does it?

Not bloody likely. Many people I come across are under a constant state of stress. The “life” we are living in 2012 isn’t the same as the “life” our parents, or grandparents lived. Pressures and deadlines to meet at work are demanding and stressful. The stress our kids give us – that‘s just a whole other show. Think of the economy and the way it has been – our finances are pushing us right to the edge. Some days, we just want to jump. We are exposed to drugs, gambling, alcohol – even if it’s not your addiction, but someone you love, the end result for you, is stress. Look at the divorce rate – this obviously equates to elevated stress.

In his article, Dr. Smith says “instead of a stress response system that’s fine-tuned for acute events, many of us have systems that are always on”. Ultimately, this causes “derangements” in our body’s metabolism. (I‘m not going to lie – I don‘t know exactly what “metabolic derangements“ are – but I understand it is similar to “metabolic syndrome“ or in jargon-less terms, damaged metabolism)

In a nutshell, what does this all mean? Well, the average person swims in a sea of hundreds of low-grade stressful events in a day. As a result, cortisol levels are chronically elevated. Because cortisol is chronically elevated, blood sugar is constantly being mobilized for energy. What happens when you don’t burn sugar? It gets stored as…you guessed it, FAT!

Finally, Mr. Smith confirms, excess stored fat is only one of the “metabolic derangements” (there’s that phrase again) caused by too much cortisol flowing through the body, from stress. How can we solve this problem? Well, there are a several ways. You could start by sitting back and accessing your life. What are your stressors? Are there things you could change, or just do without? Of course, it’s not going to magically melt away your fat, but it is certainly something to think about.

man boobs and lovely lady lumps

Every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.  ~ Adelle Davis

I hate to be bossy but, you need to read this article “Hormones, Problem Areas and Your Body-Fat Map”  by Douglas Robb, a Personal Trainer from Health Habits in Toronto. 

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He discusses how “your hormones are responsible for your personal fat-distribution patterns.”  Interesting…indeed.  He pulls his information from a variety of sources – and “heartily” recommends The Hormone Diet by Dr. Natasha Turner (Canada).

For da MAN…Let me give you an example…look down – do you have a nice rack?  As in, “man-boobs”?  If so, you likely have high estrogen levels (amongst some other issues).  Mr. Robb goes on to offer some possible causes why your body may have high estrogen, or, as it’s also called, estrogen dominance.  These suggestions include chronic stress, poor diet, exposure to hormones in meat and poultry (Yes – it’s true, it’s true.), impaired liver function, alcohol (which may have helped cause your impaired liver function), lack of exercise, lack of sleep.  Dougy rocked this article so much, he even includes some solutions to assist in lowering your abnormally  high estrogen levels.  Some of his suggestions:  stress management, improve your diet, reduce exposure to hormones, improve liver function, get some sleep, get some exercise.

As for da LADIES, and their lovely lady lumps.  Check it out…where are your lumps?  Triceps, chest or back?  Love handles, belly, butt?  Hips, hamstrings or thighs?  Or, all of the above?  In reviewing Robb’s causes of irregular hormone levels, there appears to be some common denominators.  These include, but are certainly not limited to, poor diet, chronic-high stress, not enough exercise, poor sleep patterns.  These are just a few.  Really, you need to read the article.

So, when we say “poor diet”, what does that mean exactly?  What distinguishes a “good diet” from a “poor diet”?  Well, if you consume a lot of processed foods, pop, high fat, low fiber, high sugar, excessive caffeine, over-processed nutrient-deficient carbs, fast food, frozen dinners blah, blah, blah – I’d be confident in saying you have a “poor diet”.  Because of this “poor diet”, your body has little to no antioxidant protection, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.  I use an amazing daily multi-vitamin called LifePak

Now, how do you manage stress, when stress never really goes away?  I use a product called Cortitrol, for managing Cortisol, the stress hormone in my body.  This product also balances my moods and makes me feel calm, cool and collected.  P.S. It also slips nicely into my husband’s coffee. **wink wink**


Wednesday Morning Weigh-In

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You:  “Shut the front door!!”

Me:  “I know!”

In case your just joining Goodbye My Muffintop, essentially I have used myself as a human science experiment for a controversial weight release program.  After loading on the fat 45 days ago, I weighed in at a hefty 188.5lbs.  As a woman 5’6.5″ tall, that put me right smack borderline obese on the BMI charts.  Enter, “FREAKING OUT”! 

It has been nearly 2 weeks since I entered the maintenance phase of my weight release program.  I’ve been indulging in such things as almonds, pecans, greek yogurt, organic salad dressing, eggs and cheese.  At this phase of the game – everything is fair game with the exception of sugar and starches.  To be honest – I am not missing my old carb cravings one bit!!  It’s almost hard to believe I don’t have crazy-ridiculous take-over every ounce of self-control I ever had, carbaholic carb cravings.  This program has re-set my metabolism by shocking the control center of my brain – the hypothalamus.  I should never have to “diet” again – so long as I steer clear of the chemical laden foods I have been fueling my body with for the last 12 years.  I will weight myself daily to keep my weight in check.  Another week and a half and I’m ready to start the last three weeks of my program – I’ll be adding sugar and starches.  Which, at this point, I feel like I could take em’ or leave ’em.  A feeling I never thought possible judging my by my yo-yo dieting history.  I’ve been a prisoner, held captive by my own fat – until now.  Look out world – she’s baaaack.

I’m here to educate other’s on how they too can take control of their lives, by taking control of their bodies.  I’m getting ready to launch my new business soon!

In case you’re wondering how my team of “Shrinking Muffin’s” is doing, here is THAT tally. 

5 Muffins – 45 Days

115.6LBS of abnormal fat released (that’s equivalent to weight of an entire person – BTW)

137.55″ of lumps, humps and body bumps released

Am I proud?  Words can’t quite express it.  Contact me to learn more about how you too can join my “Shrinking Muffin” team and shed your abnormal body fat while learning to eat real healthy wholesome food, for life.

You feed pigs carbs – to fatten’ em up!?

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I certainly wasn’t brought up with the concept “food as thy medicine, and medicine as thy food”.  To be honest – there wasn’t much my Hungarian Grandmother didn’t cook in bacon fat.  To this day, I have a habit of saving my bacon grease (I just checked – yup, there is an old Cheez Whiz jar in the back of my fridge – full of bacon grease).  Weekday supers often included Hamburger Helper, hot dogs and Kraft Dinner.  Ichiban was a nice Saturday afternoon soup.  I remember my stepmother would throw a little egg white in to, “health” it up!   Pasta smothered with butter AND Cheez Whiz. 

It wasn’t until my mid-twenties when I started dating my husband that things started to change.  He doesn’t get any credit for that, by the way.  His bachelor life consisted of one meal a day – Burger King, drive-thru style.  It was actually his mother who enlightened me to the fact there was chemicals in the food we were stuffing into our mouths.  I could feel her giving me the hairy eyeball as she watched me feed her precious soon-to-be grandbaby some science-fiction snack-a-roo.  That’s when I started really reading labels and dabbling in organic food and taking supplements.  Not much has ever been very consistent though – kinda like my weight history.  This I know for sure – whenever I consumed strictly organic, I always felt good – and my skin looked great too.   

So yes, Mrs. Maryann (as we like to call – cause we have the same name…weird, I know) has paved our path of health and nutrition.  Often times, driving me nuts questioning the amount of diced peppers I’m putting in my salad.  “You feed pigs carbs – to fatten ’em up!”  **sigh** Was she calling me a pig? LOL

Please take the time to read “The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About” by Kevin Trudeau.  Amazingly informative read – that could save your life.  Essentially, this book touches on a few very important things.  I’ll try to give you a summary…

Obesity Campaign Poster

Obesity Campaign Poster (Photo credit: Pressbound)

First”fat people and thin people have different ways in which their bodies operate”. If you agree with that – then ask yourself  this…”Why do both fat people and thin people get the same prescription to lose weight – eat less and exercise more?”  Obviously, as our obesity problem continues to grow – this formula is not working. 

Secondly, he indicates there are common denominators that nearly all fat people have in common.  These include low metabolism, high hunger, and eating when we are not hungry.  He also mentions how genetics actually do NOT play a major role in the cause of obesity.  So if ever you have been told you are fat because your parent’s are fat and it’s just in your “genes” – get that out of your head NOW and move in a different direction!

The part of Kevin Trudeau’s book where I start to get excited is when he says “specific foods, or kinds of foods, actually make you gain weight very quickly.  Nutritionists and doctors always talk about calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, and sodium.  Some are now more advanced and talk about simple carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, and the glycemic index levels of foods.  (Foods high on the glycemic index fall into the category of highly refined or super highly refined, causing massive spikes in insulin secretion, leading to increased food cravings and hunger, and making the body increase fat deposits.)  Some talk about saturated or unsaturated fats.  All of these components have some level of importance.  However, nutritionists and doctors virtually never mention the most important and significant components of food which lead to weight gain and obesity.  The most significant components of food that play the largest role in weight gain and obesity are food additives, chemicals and food processing techniques!  It’s not the food itself; it’s not really the calories, the amount of fat, the amount of carbohydrates, sodium, glycemic index level, or protein.  It’s how food is processed and the man-made chemicals and additives in the food that actually cause weight gain and obesity.” So, right now – go pick up your favorite snack from the pantry and look at the ingredients.  How many things on that list of ingredients can you NOT pronounce?

The next thing I REALLY REALLY want people to educate people about is “The drug industry knows that people who are overweight, fat, and obese have more medical symptoms and buy and take more non-prescription and prescription drugs.  There is a financial motivation to keep people overweight.  Overweight people are sicker and great customers for the drug companies.”  He goes on to say “the same group of about 300 families that control the world-wide pharmaceutical industry also control most of the publicly traded food producers and manufacturers.”  I don’t want to reveal the entire book – you just gotta read it!

Very interesting stuff.  His first book was called “Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want you To Know About.  His second publication was “More Natural Cures Revealed:  The Previously Censored Brand Products That Cure Disease”.  These two books reveal very interesting information about the FDA, the American Medical Association as well as other organizations – you typically trust.  Thomas Jefferson said”If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in a sorry state as are the souls who live under tyranny.”  Please, read these books – you will think twice about using the FDA website as a reliable resource for making your health decisions. 

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