Day 23

Down 1lb today!  I am currently 165.5 lbs.  I have lost a total of 23lbs from my loading weight of 188.5lbs and 17.5lbs from my starting weight of 183lbs.  My initial goal was to lose 30lbs and be at 158.5.  That is only 7 pounds away!  I am so pleased with my progress and I feel so good!

I told you yesterday I was going to talk about healthy body image.  I’m getting vibes from a few friends, and loved ones – okay fine, it’s my sister.  She is clearly concerned about why I am doing this – like I am obsessed with having a skinny body.  Why can’t I just love myself the way I was – and ignore what the scale says?  She sent me the kindest email about how she loves my humour and selflessness the best!  I really am feeling the love these days!  No jokes, I really am!!  And sis’, you can rest assured that I do love myself – I (mostly) always have – except for those couple of times where I drank WAY too much and made an ass of myself.  I try very hard to be kind to others and I feel in my heart that I am a great person – confident, self-less, caring, helpful (shall I continue about how great I really am? lol).  When I look at my Body Mass Index – and it tells me that I am obese – that scares the hell out of me.  Not to mention the other things that go along with carrying 30+ lbs of excess weight (mostly belly fat).  My knees were starting to hurt, I have had back issues for 11 years, I’m tired and lethargic, my clothes don’t fit properly, I can’t keep up with my kids, my moods are all over the board.  I love to run.  It is hard and awkward to run with 30 excess pounds.  Shall I continue? I think not. 

Body image is everywhere – it slaps us in the face as soon as we turn on the TV or surf the internet.  It’s on the magazine stand at the grocery store.  It’s in the mall, on the radio, plastered to the side of buses.  Avoiding the images of women (and men) with beautiful bodies is impossible – unless you hide under a rock.  It has always intrigued me “why?”.  Why can these beautiful women have beautiful bodies.  I used to have a nice slender body – 12 years ago.  I was very physically active in high school.  I have always enjoyed exercise.  How do those people get those beautiful (airbrushed – I KNOW) bodies?  I get it – diet and exercise.  Beautiful bodies are maintained by diet and exercise.  So I have tried and tried to eat clean and exercise to get the body I once I had back.  Nothing I did worked.  Read this article.  It is one of hundreds of articles that chat about how 80% of people who have lost weight gain it all back, and more, within 2 years.  It is a crazy cycle of yo-yo dieting, which is equally as unhealthy as being obese.  Most of the articles end the same “With so many drawbacks, you might wonder if you’d be better off just accepting your belly rolls. But the perils of being overweight still outweigh the risks of yo-yoing. So how do you quit the cycle for good?”

Do we really have to just accept our body the way it is?  Does it really have to be this way?  Do we really just need to wake up in the morning – look in the mirror – do positive affirmations about how beautiful our overweight bodies are?  Just because everyone around me is overweight – does that give me permission to love my chubby body, sit down on the couch and eat a bag of Doritos and drink a Coke?  1 out of 4 Canadians are obese.  Obesity in the US is through the roof.  I’m sick of making excuses for myself.  I refuse to be part of the problem.  I want to be part of the solution. 

Do I have an unhealthy body image?  I don’t think so – but there will always be a critic.  So get your Ipods out and blast some freakin’ Lady Gaga “Born this Way”.  Go for a run, or do whatever you need to do to be a superstar!  Don’t be a drag – just be a queen (or king)!

About goodbyemymuffintop

I am a working mother of two children motivated and inspired to change the way people look at their life and their body!

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  1. To remineralize your water buy Nature’s Cargo Sea Salts. I take a bag of salt when I go to the water store, and I put in an exact 1 1/4 tsp. in each 5 gallon jug of water. Now at first the water will have a kind of flat taste but you soon acquire a taste for it.
    My friend Sandy lost 23 lbs by drinking 8-12 glasses of this water. We are desperately lacking in minerals and this keeps them flowing into our body. I shall find out the name of the books on this subject and let you know.
    No Marri, your beloved sister is wrong on the point of loving or accepting yourself as you are. Everytime we come closer to being all God created us to be; then we become more ourselves and love ourselves more.

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