Day 21

To my amazement, apple day worked!  I’m down another 2lbs.  Sweet!  Your questions is…”So, how was apple day?”.  It wasn’t bad actually, not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I had plans to have lunch with a friend yesterday.  So I text him and told him I was having an “apple day”.  I gave him a couple of options and he opted to meet me at my office and we had lunch there, rather than going to a restaurant and watching me eat an apple and drink water.  That would most likely be, well, embarrassing! HAHA!  But I am so dedicated to my program I wasn’t going to mess it up.  Last night was a little difficult.  By 8:00 my tummy was grumbling and I could feel the fat burning action going on inside.  There were sooo many commercials on TV about food and to top it, Dragon’s Den had this guy pitching a “healthy hot dog” (oxymoron…I know), but it looked sooooo good!  So I said “screw it!”, had another apple and just went to bed. 

Today was also measurement day YAY!  Here’s the skinny on my skinny…

Start Weight 188.5 (after loading).

Today’s Weight 168.  Total fat release 22.5lbs in 21 days!  I can hardly believe the numbers myself. 

As for inches, here are my measurements.  The bold measurements are TODAY:

Neck: 14″  13.5″

Chest” 41″  38″

Upper L Arm: 13″  12″

Upper R Arm: 13″  12″  

Rib Cage: 37″  31.5″

Waist: 36″  30.75″

Abdomen: 41″  39.75″

Buttocks (hips too): 45″  42.5″

Thigh L: 26″  23.25″

Thigh R: 26.5″  24.25″

Upper L Knee: 16.5″  15.5″

Calf L: 15″  14.25″

Calf R: 15.25″  14.25″

Total:  339.25″  311.5″

That is a total loss of 27.75 INCHES!  Grab a tape measure just so you can SEE how much that is.  UNBELIEVEABLE!!

Did you know it takes 3,500 calories to add 1lb to your weight.  Interesting topic…I’ll be chatting about that tomorrow!

About goodbyemymuffintop

I am a working mother of two children motivated and inspired to change the way people look at their life and their body!

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