Daily Archives: January 19, 2012

Day 14

Down another 1/2 lb. today!  Dusted off another pair of jeans I have not worn for a LONG TIME.  Last time I wore them, I had to wear SPANKS.  Yes, I own SPANKS. LOL!  I don’t recommend them though, cause really, all they do is push the fat up and give you something related to breasts…on your BACK! Not pretty people.  Not pretty. 

Just for the record, in reading Dr. Simeons protocol, he is very specific.  He indicates you should not deviate AT ALL from the diet program.  I am proud to say I have not cheated at all.  One day I put more salt than normal on my cabbage roll (recipe from the book), and I increased a pound the next morning.  You learned you will retain water with excess salt.  I ordered his book last night and can’t wait to get it.  It explain so well the experiments he did with real people on the HCG diet.  What I am doing is NOT HCG, it uses the research of Dr. Simeons.  This is the reason I am finding Dr. Simeons research so fascinating!!!!

Keeping skinny…

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