Daily Archives: January 18, 2012

Day 13

Holy SHAZAM!!!  I’ve released a total of 17.5lbs since loading and 12lbs since start weight.  I measured this morning.  You better sit down, is all I am saying.  I have lost a total of 19″ (inches)!!!  The big one was the 4.25″ around my rib cage (where my bra sits) and 4″ (inches) around my waist!!  The really funny part is each calf actually lost 1/2″.  I thought those were my best feature HAHAHA, and even they were getting chubby and I didn’t know it.  However, I noticed yesterday when I put on my fancy brown boots, they felt loose.  I didn’t think anything of it, but now I know WHY!!! 

I can honestly say I have felt amazing all week.  I go to bed at 9 or 10 at night, not because I am exhausted, just because it’s bedtime.  I fall asleep easily and I wake up 6AM, or earlier and feel ALIVE!!  My morning chaos, hasn’t been chaotic.  I’m nicer to my kids.  I’m HAPPY.  I can’t stop saying it’ a miracle. 

People at work hadn’t seen me since last Thursday.  When I came back to work yesterday morning, jaws seriously dropped.  My co-worker has decided he needs to try this too.  He should be getting started next week.  I’m so excited for him!!!  I know it has only been 13 days, but I feel like this stuff has changed my LIFE!!!!  I want to share it with every fatty person in the WORLD!!!! 

Okay…re-group girl!  I forgot my drops at home…so I am damn sure to be running out to get them.  Its -43C with the windchill and I don’t care…I need those drops. 

Till next time……


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