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Day 5

Yesterday was the first day of my weight loss phase (referred to this as Phase 2).  The evening before I made sure I had my meals planned and my morning regime. 

1.  Woke up at 6AM.  I immediately took my 10 drops.  I did not consume liquid or food for approximately 15 – 30 minutes after taking the drops. 

2.  Made 1L of boiling water and squeezed the juice of one lemon and a dash of stevia into the hot water.  I weighed myself 187.5 lbs.    I took my morning supplements. 

3.  I drank the lemon water throughout the morning.  I also consumed another 1L jug of water throughout the day.

4.  I ate an orange mid-morning.

5.  I took my drops at 11AM –  making sure to hold it under my tongue before swalling for 30 seconds.  I did not consume fluid or food for 30 minutes before or after taking my drops. 

6.  For lunch I grilled 100g of chicken breast on my George Foreman grill.  I mixed it with 1CUP of salsa from the program recipes. 

7.  I ate an apple mid-afternoon.

8.  I had a glass of Pukka detox tea. 

9.  For supper I ate 100g of shrimp and a handful of lettuce with calorie free dressing which I got a sample from Suger Free and More (Red Deer).

10.  I took my evening supplements.

11.  30 minutes after supper I took my drops. 

I had an amazing sleep and got up again at 6AM.  I started my same routine again!  My weight this morning was 181.5lbs.  That means I lost 6 pounds.  WHOOOOO HOOOOO.  Did I mention how amazing I feel?  The supplements make me feel absolutely amazing.  I have been going NON-STOP since I got up.  I really am going to take over the world!!!!

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