Daily Archives: January 7, 2012

Introduction to my Journey….

I learned about this Weight Release Program a couple months ago.  I was very skeptical.  Actually, I came home and told my husband it was insanity…and taking advantage of people that need to lose weight.  Anyway, after putting on some weight over the holidays I began to think about it more and do some research.  Really, if I can have QUICK weight loss, I would BE SO HAPPY! 

I have tried SO many different weight loss methods.  Various big name programs that cost me a lot of money.  I’ve tried the green smoothy.  I’ve tried intense exercise and food management.  While all of these things did assist me in losing weight, they seemed complicated and LONG.  I’d lose interest long before I reached my ultimate weight, and my weight would slowly creep back up to where I started. 

The program starts with a few days of “loading”, wherein you eat like a PIG consuming a ridiculous number of calories by eating HIGH FAT content foods.  January 6, 2012 was the first day of loading.  I weighed in at 183lbs. 

My initial goal is to lose 25lbs.  Which would bring me to 158lbs.

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